The commentaries posted below are mainly an attempt to organize my own thinking on social and political issues, although there are occasional more personal items as well. As long as I'm writing them, they might as well be available for anyone else who wants to read them for whatever reason. The opinions expressed in these commentaries are entirely my own and are not endorsed by anyone else, including the owner of any web page from which you might have gotten to this one.

It has turned out that I can't resist editing my essays for about a day after they're posted, but then they settle down into a final form that won't be changed. After that, additional (dated) comments might be appended as I become aware of the need to consider other points of view or to change my thinking in the light of new information.

Personal accounts of my family's activities are available as New Mexico diaries.

Carlton M. Caves
2004 September 30 (revised 2005 January 1 and 2006 May 20)

What needs to be said (2012 December 15)

Mitt and vulture capitalism (2012 January 12)


The joys of secularism (2011 August 15)


Through the right-wing looking glass (2009 June 20)


What to do with the Republican rump? (2008 November 1)

The Jekyll and Hyde campaign (2008 October 11)

The Maverick Party (2008 October 4)

The experience we don't need (2008 September 28)

Liar, liar, pants on fire (2008 September 13)

Selecting a veep. Who has the temperament to be president? (2008 August 31)

Iraq: Mistakes, judgement, and incompetence (2008 August 11)

What happened? Deception vs. contempt (2008 May 30)

Bush's "some believe" trick (2008 May 16)

The militarization of America (2008 April 20)

Building a house with Petraeus and Crocker (2008 April 10)

Barack and the Reverend Wright. Judging and understanding, black and white (2008 March 29)

Geraldine and Barack. Playing the race card? (2008 March 27)


More Bushwhacking in Iraq (2007 September 10)

Always there: A tribute to Mary Caves (2007 August 6)


America the beautiful: Sustaining the public lands (2006 August 3 and 2006 December 4)

Send a message, loud and clear (2006 November 6)

Pray, of course (2006 October 24)

Work it out: A tribute to Morris Caves (2006 May 7)

The full responsibility scam (2006 February 19)

Year of accountability in Iraq (2006 January 27)

Woodward, Miller, and the shield laws (2005 November 19)

Stomping on the flag (2005 November 2)

Walking the neocon walk and talking the neocon talk in the wake of Katrina (2005 September 30)

The end game in Iraq (2005 September 30)

Triangulating the truth on Iraq (2005 August 23)

Bushwhacking in Iraq (2005 June 30)

Iraq and the neocon experts (2005 June 28)

Privatization of Social Security: Winners and losers (2005 March 15)

A note to Nicholas Kristof about Social Security (2005 February 5)

A note to All Things Considered about Social Security (2005 January 29)

Privatization of Social Security: A simple model (2005 January 4)

The "Merry Christmas" wars (2004 December 19)

Where do we go from here. I (2004 December 5)

What if Kerry had won: A message from the world of wishful thinking (2004 November 21)

God and the terrorists (2004 November 3)

The second debate: Turning a sensible Republican into a spluttering neocon (2004 October 13)

Turn up the heat now (2004 October 2)

What Kerry and the Democrats haven't done and must do now (2004 September 30)

Another view on the capture of Saddam Hussein (2003 December 19)

Religion and the Islamic world (2003 April 8)

Government's legitimate roles and the Bush administration's policies (2002 December 15)

What are we selling to the rest of the world? (2002 December 15)

Absolutes and ambiguities (2000 December 3)

My grandfather (1987 March 25)

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