Phys 522 Quantum Mechanics II      Spring 2010
  A pdf document describes the objectives, content, pedagogy, methods of evaluation, and policies of this course. You should read this document carefully at the beginning of the course and consult it whenever you have questions about how the course is administered.

The course syllabus provides a complete schedule and is also your gateway to all the material for the course: lecture notes, special handouts, homework assignments, challenge problems, exams, and solution sets, all which are available as pdf files linked to the syllabus.
  Basic information
Instructor Professor Carlton M. Caves
Office: P&A 28
Office phone: 277-8674
Cell phone: 350-8963
Lectures TTh 9:30-10:50 am
P&A 184
Call number: 27010
Problem session Th, 7:00-9:00 pm, P&A 184
Phys 551.057 (Call number 16820)
You must register for 1 credit hour in the problem session.
Office hours T 11:00 am-3:00 pm
Textbook Quantum Mechanics, Vol. II, by C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu, and F. Laloe (CT-II)
Exams Four take-home midterm exams scattered through the semester
Grading Homework 35%
Exams 65% (counting 20%, 20%, 12.5%, and 12.5%)
Teaching Assistant Xuefeng Zhang
Office hours: W 12 noon-2:00 pm, Room 38
  The following textbooks provide review and additional perspective on the material we are covering. They are on reserve in the main office for use in the building or overnight.

Quantum Mechanics, Vol. I, by C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu, and F. Laloe (CT-I)
Principles of Quantum Mechanics, by R. Shankar (Sh)
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics, by G. Baym (B)
Quantum Mechanics, 3rd Ed., by E. Merzbacher (Mer)
Quantum Mechanics, Vols. I and II, by A. Messiah (Mes-I and Mes-II)
Modern Quantum Mechanics, Revised Ed., by J. Sakurai (Sa)