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Group Leader

IvanProf. Ivan H. Deutsch ,, phone: 505-277-8602


Current Postdoctoral Fellows



Current Graduate Research Assistants


Rob Cook,


Leigh Norris ,


BenBen Quinn Baragiola ,


BobTyler (Bob) Keating,



CharlieCharlie Baldwin,







Dr. John Grondalski, (PhD 2001)

Link to Dr. Grondalski's Thesis, Studies of atomic Motion and Atomic Diagnostics in Optical Lattices.


Dr. Gavin K. Brennen, (PhD 2001)

Link to Dr. Brennen's Thesis Entangling Dipole-Dipole Interactions With Neutral Atoms in an Optical Lattice.


Dr. Shohini Ghose, (PhD 2003)

Link to Dr. Ghose's Thesis Quantum and classical dynamics of atoms in a magneto-optical lattice.


Tracey Tessier (Ph. D. 2004)

  Link to Dr. Tessier's Thesis, Complementarity and Entanglement in Quantum Information Theory


Rene Stock (Ph. D. 2005)

Link to Dr. Stock's Thesis, Trap-induced resonances in controlled atomic collisions for quantum information processing


Andrew Silberfarb (Ph. D. 2006)

Link to Dr. Silberfarb's Thesis, Atoms, Photons, and Information


Iris Reichenbach (Ph. D. 2009)

Link to Dr. Reichenbach's Thesis, Optical Control and Quantum Information Processing with Ultracold Alkaline-Earth-like Atoms



Seth Merkel (Ph. D. 2009)

Link to Dr. Merkel's Thesis, Quantum Control of d-Dimensional Quantum Systems with Applications to Alkali Atomic Spins


Brian Mischuck (Ph. D. 2010)

Link to Dr. MIschuck's Thesis, Control of Neutral Atoms in Optical Lattices


Collin Trail (Ph. D. 2011)

Link to Dr. Trail's Thesis,Coherent Control of Collective Atomic Spins


Carlos Riofrío (Ph. D. 2011)

Link to Dr. Riofrío's Thesis, Continuous Measurement Quantum State Tomography of Atomic Ensembles


Vaibhav Madhok (Ph. D. 2012)

Link to Dr, Madhok's Thesis, Quantum Correlations, Chaos, and Information


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