Phys 503   Classical Mechanics I       Fall 2013


The syllabus provides a complete schedule for the course and access to all the web-based material. Click on the appropriate document below to get a pdf file for lecture notes, special handouts, homework assignments, challenge problems, exams, and solution sets. The rightmost column below gives the relevant sections of the the textbook.

Objectives, Content, Pedagogy, Methods of Evaluation, and Policies: You should read this pdf document carefully at the beginning of the course and consult it whenever you have questions about how the course is administered.

Homework Class session Lecture subjects, problem sessions, and exams Goldstein
  T, 8-20 Introduction to course  
PS, 8-20 No problem session
HW #1
(Out 8-22)
CP #1(a)
CP #1(b)
Th, 8-22 L1: D'Alembert's principle. I
Chap. 1
T, 8-27 L2: D'Alembert's principle. II
PS, 8-27 CP #1(a)  
Th, 8-29 L3: Hamilton's principle. I
Chap. 2
T, 9-3 L4: Hamilton's principle. II
PS, 9-3 CP #1(b)  
Th, 9-5 L5: Central-force motion. I
Chap. 3
HW #2
(Out 9-5)
CP #2
T, 9-10 L6: Central-force motion. II
PS, 9-10 No problem session
Th, 9-12 No lecture
T, 9-17 L7: Central-force motion. III
PS, 9-17 CP #2
Th, 9-19 L8: Central-force motion. IV
T, 9-24 L9: Kinematics of rigid-body motion. I
Chap. 4
HW #3
(Out 9-24)
CP #3
PS, 9-24 No problem session
Th, 9-26 L10: Kinematics of rigid-body motion. II
T, 10-1 No lecture
PS, 10-1 No problem session
W, 10-2 Midterm Exam #1 (Lectures 1-8, 20% of course grade)
Out 8:00 am
Due noon, Friday, 10-4, in TA's mailbox
Th, 10-3 No lecture
T, 10-8 No lecture
PS, 10-8 No problem session
Th, 10-10 Fall Break
T, 10-15 L11: Kinematics of rigid-body motion. III
PS, 10-15 CP #3  
Th, 10-17 L12: Dynamics of rigid-body motion. I
Chap. 5
HW #4
(Out 10-17)
CP #4
T, 10-22 L13: Dynamics of rigid-body motion. II
PS, 10-22 CP #4  
Th, 10-24 L14: Small oscillations. I
Normal co-ordinates and quantum mechanics
Chap. 6
T, 10-29 L15: Small oscillations. II
HW #5
(Out 10-24)
CP #5
PS, 10-29 CP #5
Th, 10-31 L16: Small oscillations. III
T, 11-5 L17: Hamiltonian dynamics. I
Chap. 8
HW #6
(Out 11-5)
CP #6
PS, 11-5 No problem session
Th, 11-7 L18: Hamiltonian dynamics. II
Su, 11-10 Midterm Exam #2 (Lectures 9-16, 20% of grade)
Out 8:00 am
Due Tuesday, 11-12, at lecture
T, 11-12 L19: Hamiltonian dynamics. III
PS, 11-12 CP #6  
Th, 11-14 L20: Canonical transformations. I
Chap. 9
T, 11-19 L21: Canonical transformations. II
PS, 11-19 CP #7(a)
Th, 11-21 L22: Canonical transformations. III
HW #7
(Out 11-19)
CP #7(a)
CP #7(b)
T, 11-26 L23: Canonical transformations. IV
PS, 11-26 CP #7(b)  
Th, 11-28 Thanksgiving
T, 12-3 L24: Hamilton-Jacobi theory. I
Chap. 10
  PS, 12-3 No problem session
Th, 12-5 L25: Hamilton-Jacobi theory. II
F, 12-6 Midterm Exam #3 (Lectures 17-23, 20% of grade)
Out 8:00 am
Due noon, Sunday, 12-8, in TA's mailbox
T, 12-10 End of semester