Physics 406 Fall 2012

Electricity and Magentism II

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of New Mexico

Instructor: Prof. Ivan H. Deutsch
Lectures: Tues&Thurs. 12:30-1:45, Room 5

Teaching Assistant: Xiaodong Qi:

Problem Session: Wed. 11:00-11:50, Room 1131


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General Information


Lecture Schedule

Problem Sets


General Information


Lecture: Tues and Thurs, Physics and Astronomy, Room 5, 12:30-13:45.

Problem Session: Wed., Physics and Astronomy, Room 1131, 11:00-11:50.


Instructor: Prof. Ivan Deutsch

Phys/Astro Room 23, Phone: 277-8602


Office Hours: TBA


Teaching Assistant: Xiaodong Qi


Office Hours: TBA



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Problem Sets: 25%

There will be approximately 10 problem sets due Fridays at 3:00 PM in the TA's mailbox.

Three Exams : 75%

Tentative Syllabus

I. Electrodynamics 

      A  Ohm's Law and Electromotive Force

      B  Faraday's Law, Inductance, and AC Circuits

      C  Maxwell's Equations

IIElectromagnetic Waves 

      A.  Plane Wave Propagation in Vacuum

      B.  Polarization

      C.  Energy and Momentum in Electromagnetic Waves

      D.  Waves in matter

          (i)  Wave propagation in dielectrics and conductors

          (ii)  Microscopic theory of dispersion (Oscillator and Drude models)

          (iii)  Propagation in dispersive media, group velocity, wave packets

      E. Boundary Conditions : Laws of Reflection and Refraction

III. Radiation - The Generation of Electromagnetic Waves

      A.  Potential Formulation of Electrodynamics:  Retarded-Time Potentials

      B.  Multipole expansions

      CElectric Dipole, and Magnetic Dipole Radiation


V. Relativistic Electrodynamics

      A.  Lorentz Transformations, Four-vectors

      B.  Magnetism as a relativistic phenomenon

      C.  Transformations of fields

      D.  The field tensor and invariants


Tentative Schedule of Lectures

Aug. 21

Class overview

Review of Physic 405: Statics

Aug. 23
Electric Currents, Ohm's Law, and EMF
Aug. 28
Faraday's Law
Aug. 30
Inductance and Energy in Magnetic Fields
Sept. 4

R,L and R,C Circuits. Alternating Current (AC) and Impedence

Sept. 6
Sept. 11
LC Circuit Oscillators
Sept. 13
Displacement Current, Maxwell's Equations, and Wave Equation
Sept. 18
Plane Wave Propagation I
Sept. 20

Plane Wave Propagation II

Plane wave applet

Sept. 25
Conservation of Energy and Poynting's Theorem
Sept. 27
Exam I
Oct. 2
Oct. 4

Maxwell's Equations in Matter

Waves in Dielectrics

Oct. 9
Oct. 11
Boundary Conditions, Reflection and Transmission
Fall Break
Oct. 16

Refraction and Reflection at Oblique Incidence

Oct. 18
Waves in Conductors
Oct. 23

Models of Material Response

Oct. 25


Oct. 30

Progation and Dispersion

Nov. 1

Potential Formulations of Maxwell's Equations:

Gauge transformations

Nov. 6

Electric Dipole Radiation (I)

Nov. 8

Exam II

Nov. 13


Nov. 15

Dipole Radiation (II)

Larmor Formula, Magnetic Dipole Radiation

Nov. 20


Nov. 22
Nov. 27
Introduction to Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
Nov. 29
Thompson Scattering, Rayleigh Scattering
Dec. 4
Diffuse vs. Coherent Scattering -- Structure Factor
Dec. 6



Problem Sets

Problem Set #1

Due. Fri. Aug. 31

Problem Set #5

Due. Fri. Oct. 19

Problem Set #9

 Problem Set #2

Due. Fri. Sept. 7

 Problem Set #6

Problem Set #10

Problem Set #3

Due. Fri. Sept. 14

Problem Set #7

Problem Set #11

Problem Set #4

Due. Fri. Oct. 5

Problem Set #8